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Arai Chaser-X Navy Helmet Black/Yellow - Clearance Sale

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Arai Chaser-X Navy Helmet

The Chaser-X is the third Arai helmet to use the new VAS (Variable Axis System) technology, which results in a much firmer and smoother shell above the SNELL test line and significantly improves the helmet with the important "defence features". The Chaser-X also uses a completely new ventilation system derived from the RX-7V, which is immediately recognisable through the large ventilation slot on top of the helmet. This excellent ventilation system is derived from the RX-7V air distribution system. The replaceable inner lining has an antibacterial coating. The Chaser-X features FCS (Face Contour System) and a fixed, non-retractable small chin guard. The chin ventilation is also new, while the visor attachment system originally developed for Formula 1 is the same as on the RX-7V. All Chaser-X helmets are supplied as standard with a MaxVision visor including pinlock visor, which is packed separately in a carton.


  • SFL shell construction
  • with the "Variable Axis System" (VAS)
  • optimal ventilation thanks to "Free Flow System" (FFS)
  • front air inlet and air outlet
  • Ventilation above the eyes on the temples
  • chin ventilation adjustable in three positions
  • fixed chin spoiler for better aerodynamics
  • VAS-V MaxVision Visor
  • special visor closure
  • Pinlock disc included
  • antimicrobial lining
  • exchangeable inner lining as well as ear and cheek pads
  • Speaker bags
  • special "Facial Contour System" (FCS)
  • 5 mm removable cheek pads
  • thin middle padding for more space in the front chin area


  • Sizes: XS - XXL
  • Visor type: VAS-V 2D, VAS-V MaxVision, VAS-V Pro Shade, VAS-V, VAS-V PSS, VAS-V Dual-Pane
  • Retention system: double D
  • Safety norm: 22-05

Manufacturer's Note:

  • Fluorescent and extremely bright finishes, may fade over time due to sunlight. This is normal and is not covered by the warranty.


  • 1 x Arai helmet
  • 1 x Pinlock lens
  • 1 x helmet bag